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Spanlede / Team members:

Hoof van SGOS/Head of SBST:   Mnr. C. Snyman

                                                            Mnr. R. van der Heyde


Learning Support Educators:         Me. N. Venter (

                                                            Me. I. Theunissen (


Gedurende Skoolure/During School Hours:

Gr. 1 en 2 Huistaal en Wiskunde

Gr 1 and 2 Home Language and Mathematics

Me. I. Theunissen


Gr. 3 en 4 Huistaal en Wiskunde

Gr 3 and 4 Home Language and Mathematics

Me. N. Venter

Na Skoolure/After School:

Gr 5 – 7 English Home Language

Me. I. Theunissen

Gr. 5 – 7 Afrikaans Huistaal

Me. N. Venter

Gr. 5 – 7 Eerste Addisionele Taal (Afrikaans)

Me. J. Swart

Gr 5 – 7 First Additional Language (English)

Me. M. van der Riet

Gr. 5 – 7 Wiskunde

Me. A. Cranna

Gr. 5 – 7 Mathematics

Me. R. Oelofse

Psigo-opvoedkundige evaluerings:

Psyco-educational evaluations:

Me. M. Ridgway

Opvoedkundige Sielkundige/ Educational Psychologist


Diagnostiese toetse:

Diagnostic tests:

Me. M. Ridgway

Me. N. Venter / Me. I. Theunissen

Emosionele sessies:

Emotional sessions:

Me. M. Ridgway

Me. J. Thiart


Assessment Accommodations:

Me. N. Venter


Applications for School of Skills:

Me. I. Theunissen

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Our Main Objective

It is a priority at our school to take care of the emotional well-being of our pupils. Learners with specific emotional needs are identified and will receive intervention sessions from our own school psychologist, which we are privileged to have. To make sure that optimal learning takes place, we strive to better on our learners’ self-confidence and self-image.