Grade 1 – 3 Drama

Welcome to the Drama Lama Classroom!

There is a star in each child!  Learners will join their Drama teacher on a creative journey every week & let their light shine!

Using creative tools, such as drama, story books, rhymes, role playing, dress up clothing, art, puppetry, mime, music and multimedia, these creative classes will stimulate the imagination and build confidence and communication skills in children. Learners who are shy and slightly inhibited when required to speak publicly e.g., in class, or simply in front of their peers will especially benefit from these classes, encouraging them “to come out of their shells” by using various creative tools.

    Not only ‘drama queens and kings’ benefit from these classes but also shy learners.

Lights! Camera! Action!

  • lessons take place during school hours
  • classes are 1 hour per class per week
  • the language of tuition is English & Afrikaans
  • equipment and materials are supplied
  • each lesson commences with a physical, speech or voice warm-up
  • lessons are conducted in a spacious classroom, on the sports field, in the hall or in the Activity Centre to allow for plenty of room to move
  • creative games are played, incorporating drama, art, music, movement & dance
  • Life Skills themes are incorporated into each lesson for consolidation of what is being taught in the classroom, in step with the CAPS curriculum

The Star in You!

  • weekly lessons build confidence
  • presentation skills are developed
  • strengthens speech clarity, articulation & projection
  • encourages communication, expression and social skils
  • prepares learners for orals in older grades
  • strengthens language skills & vocabulary
  • stimulates creativity and the imagination
  • cultivates a love for stories and rhymes
  • the stepping stone for creative writing is laid
  • facilitates learning through dramatic play
  • performance opportunities are created
  • working in a group is learnt & a great class dynamic results

Your child is going to be part of a creative adventure!

Learners of Van Riebeeckstrand take part in the annual Kaapse Afrikaanse Eisteddfod and Tygerberg International Eisteddfod. Over the years our learners have excelled in the presentation of Poetry, Prose, Unprepared Reading, Speech Choir, Creative Writing, Art, Pottery and Music and each year they are winners of medals and trophies at these eisteddfods.

Talented learners are identified and are coached in drama by Mrs R Rae and Mrs S Du Plessis as part of our extra mural programme.

In 2017 – 8 trophies (Tygerberg International Eisteddfod) and 13 medals (Kaapse Afrikaanse Eisteddfod) were won.


Gr 2 to Gr 7 may attend chess practise.

Chess helps the learners to concentrate and to focus on the game. We try to prepare them to anticipate what moves their opponents will be making while playing. When a learner is playing a match, he or she must remember the moves and recall them after the match.

Our coach is Mr Roland Willenberg who previously coached the SA-chess team. At present he is coaching the WP Chess Teams.

Practise times

Gr 2                     Wednesday           13:15 to 14:15

Gr 3 to Gr 7         Wednesday           14:15 to 15:15


We normally play our matches on a Thursday, but is subject to change if the other school cannot play on that day. We play one match at home and one match away against the same school during the year. The matches take place during the second term and third term.

A team consists of 5 of our best players.

All the learners, however, get a chance to play in tournaments during weekends. We give the learners all the information they need to participate. It is the responsibility of the parents to enter the learners and pay the entrance fees and accompany the learners on the specific day.

Many of our learners who in the past have made use of private coaching, have achieved WP colours.

Maths Club

Our mission is to make advanced Mathematics fun!


The goal of the Math Club is to enable learners who excel in Mathematics to further develop their talent and reach their full potential. We attempt to achieve this by hosting weekly classes which focus on mathematical problem-solving and non-routine word problems. The learners are encouraged to take part in a variety of Mathematics competitions and Olympiads. All of the administration for these events are taken care of by the school.


Regrettably, becoming a member of the Math Club can only happen through invitation since there are only a limited number of places available. Learners write a test in order to qualify. This test is written in the learners’ applicable Mathematics classroom at the start of a new year (Grades 4 & 5) or at the end of the previous year for the upcoming year (Grades 6 & 7). All the learners are given the opportunity to write the qualifying test, but only the highest-scoring learners are invited to be part of the Mathematics teams. The Math Club of Van Riebeeckstrand Primary consists of two teams:


  • The Junior Team (+/- 24 Grades 4 & 5 learners)

The main aim of the Junior classes is to introduce learners to problem-solving and equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to eventually form part of the Senior Team. Classes are presented once a week and consist of a discussion of homework, execution and discussion of speed tests and playing mathematical games. Learners are enrolled for some Mathematics competitions and Olympiads throughout the year.


  • The Senior Team (16 Grades 6 & 7 learners)

Members of this team are entered into a wide variety of competitions and Olympiads during the course of the year and are thoroughly prepared for each one. Classes are presented once a week and mostly consist of a discussion of homework, execution and discussion of speed tests and the playing of mathematical games. Van Riebeeckstrand Primary is also the proud host of an annual Mathematics Competition of our own, namely the De Kock Mathematics Olympiad. During this glamorous occasion, the Senior Math Team is given the opportunity to compete against +/-10 other top schools in the region to be crowned as the winner and walks away with exciting prizes. Preparation for this Olympiad includes an annual Mathematics Camp where the focus is on providing learners with opportunities to work together in groups, to solve problems and to share their strategies with one another.


The Math Club at VRSP is managed by a group of passionate Mathematics teachers who want to develop learners’ natural talent and love for Mathematics. We hope to provide learners with the confidence they need do become quality problem solvers!


Van Riebeeckstrand Primary has a Junior and Senior Choir led by Mrs A Wolter.  The Junior Choir consists of Grade 1 – 3 learners while the Senior Choir consists of Grade 4 – 7 learners.

Learners who are interested in joining the Choir, need to first pass various voice auditions before being placed. Auditions take place at the start of each year. Choir members are exposed to a wide range of music and songs in different languages, styles and genres. We are focused on discipline, teamwork, respect and unity. Choir performances and festivals form an essential part of sharing music, improving our standard and growing together as a choir.  


Pottery is offered by Mrs Chantal Wilson as an additional extra mural activity on Monday and Tuesday afternoons for one hour (Gr 4-5 and Gr. 6-7). The maximum learners per class is 10, so that every learner can enjoy individual attention. Learners enjoy the social interaction, group dynamics and learn to solve problems together.

Learners master a number of techniques and they focus mainly on pinching, coil and slab techniques. Learners also create solid sculptures from clay. Themes vary from containers to bowls, as well as portraits and figure studies. Animals, birds and fish always remain favourite themes. We frequently exhibit works of Art in the foyer and during our Art exhibition (mass participation) every 3 years.

Learners finish off their works with under glazes, glazes and dioxide. We fire artworks at 1200 degrees Celsius in a 6 cubic feet kiln. These objects can be used as serving dishes etc. and are suitable for household purposes. (Non-toxic)

Learning takes place in a relaxed atmosphere, where everyone can give his/her best. Learners with outstanding works of Art take part in ‘Die Kaapse Afrikaanse Eisteddfod’ where they can receive medals and gold diplomas.


Riebies love to read. They are keen readers and understand the importance of reading. We have a comprehensive, fully equipped school library in which the learners may browse around and find books to read. The library is an active room. However, it is also used to do research to complete tasks, to write book reports and to assist with oral topics.

Learners, as well as teachers, make use of the library in order for the learners to reach their full potential. Our school library consists of     ± 10 000 children’s books.

The library is open after school from Monday to Thursday. Learners may take out books from Gr 3 onward. The learners visit the library every fortnight during their library period. Three books may be taken out and learners must return them after four weeks. Books must always be taken care of and returned in and undamaged condition.

Our library strives to be innovative, creative and always on track with the latest books for young children.

Creative Arts

Creative Arts provides exposure to the study of a range of art forms including dance, drama, music and visual arts. The purpose of Creative Arts is to develop learners as creative, imaginative individuals, with an appreciation of the arts.

A safe and supportive environment is created for learners in an atmosphere of openness and acceptance. Everyone is equal. It has been proven to improve literacy and to reduce education dropout levels.

The focus of the learning should be on the development of skills through enjoyable, experiential processes, rather than working towards highly polished products in each term. Classroom performances of short examples of learning should take place in a non-threatening environment, where the contribution of each learner is valued and acknowledged.

Our specific aims are:

  • to develop creative, expressive and innovative individuals
  • to develop self-awareness, problem-solving, interpersonal relations, leadership, decision-making, and effective communication in learners
  • to provide learners with exposure to experiences and basic skills in dance, drama, music and visual arts including arts literacy and appreciation

In Creative Arts the approach to assessment and feedback should be constructive and encouraging to build learners’ confidence. Great care should be taken to avoid negative, hurtful or personal remarks.

Creative Arts should develop the whole person.

Theatre is largely concerned with communication between actors and an audience. Drama is largely concerned with experience by the participants, irrespective of any function of communication to an audience,

Education is concerned with individuals; drama is concerned with the individuality of individuals.

Drama is a way of living.


Ouderdom / AgeVeld/ FieldDag/ DayTyd/ TimeAfrigter / CoachMatches
u/7A- FieldMonday13:30 - 14:30S. Liebenberg, R.Vermeulen, A.Engels, W. van der PostThursdays
u/8A- FieldMonday13:30 -14:30E.Visser, E. Le Grange, A.Meintjies, J. Janse van RensburgThursdays
u/9B- FieldMonday14:30 - 15:30R. Vermeulen, T. Pelser, M. Veenendal, C. WilsonThursdays
u/10AA- FieldWednesday14:30 - 16:00J. Janse van RensburgMonday
u/10BA- FieldWednesday14:30 - 16:00R.HattingMonday
u/11AA- FieldMonday14:30 - 16:00R. Van der HeydeWednesday
u/11BA- FieldMonday14:30 - 16:00N. TerrelWednesday
u/13AA- FieldMonday15:00 - 16:30K. van SchoorThursdays
u/13BA- FieldMonday15:00 - 16:30E. Le GrangeThursdays
Tug of War
Gr 4-7A - FieldTuesdays15:30 - 17:30B.Streicher, F. de Wet, H.du Plessis, T. Stroh
Gr 4-7A - FieldThursdays14:30 - 16:30B.Streicher, F. de Wet, H.du Plessis, T. Stroh
Swim Team
Swimming teamOu SkipMondays14:30 - 15:30K. van der Merwe, K. Britz, A. van Dyk
Swimming teamOu SkipThursdays16:00 - 17:00K. van der Merwe, K. Britz, A. van Dyk
Social Swim
Gr 4-7Ou SkipMondays14:30 - 15:30K. van der Merwe, K. Britz, A. van Dyk
Gr 4-7Ou SkipThursdays16:00 - 17:00K. van der Merwe, K. Britz, A. van Dyk
Mountain Biking
GradeFieldItemTimeCoachOther Info
Gr 1-7A- FieldMondays16:00- 17:00S. LiebenbergSpur MTB kompetisies vind plaas op Saterdae / Spur MTB competitions are taking place on Saturdays
Gr 1-7TBCWednesdays16:00- 17:00S. Liebenberg
Cross Country
AgeFieldDayTimeCoachOther Info
u/7- u/13A- FieldFridays07:00-07:30T. JenkinsonKompetisies is Vrydae en party Saterdae / Competitions are on Friday and some on Saturday.
u/7- u/13A- FieldMondays17:00- 18:00T. JenkinsonWedstryde vind plaas op verskillend dae / Matches will take place on different days
Girls Hockey
AgeFieldDayTimeCoachMatch Days
u/7B- FieldTuesdays13:30- 14:30W. van der Post, A. Olckers, P. WoulidgeThursdays
u/8B- FieldTuesdays13:30- 14:30C.Kerrigan, J. Janse van RensburgThursdays
u/9B- FieldTuesdays14:30- 15:30A.Olckers, E.BurgerThursdays
u/10A- FieldTuesdays14:30- 15:30G.Ferreira, W. van der PostThursdays
u/11B- FieldTuesdays15:30- 16:30J. Janse van Rensburg, M. SwanepoelThursdays
u/13A- FieldTuesdays15:30- 17:00J.de Wet, P.WoulidgeThursdays
Boys Hockey
AgeFieldDayTimeCoachMatch Days
u/7B- FieldTuesdays13:30- 14:30K.Britz, D.MasonThursdays
u/8B- FieldTuesdays13:30- 14:30E.Burger, S.Liebenberg, M. van SolmsThursdays
u/9B- FieldTuesdays14:30- 15:30A.Elston, C. KerriganThursdays
u/10A- FieldTuesdays14:30- 15:30S. Mitchell, K. BritzThursdays
u/11B- FieldTuesdays15:30- 16:30H. Engelbrecht, J. IngramThursdays
u/13A- FieldTuesdays15:30- 17:00S.Liebenberg, B.StreicherThursdays
u/9Tennis CourtsTuesdays14:30 - 15:30C. Kerrigan, A.ElstonWednesdays
u/10- u/13Tennis CourtsTuesdays14:30 - 15:30S.Mitchell, R. VermeulenWednesdays
Girls/ Boys A+B TeamTennis CourtsMondays06:30 - 07:30Rhys MilneWednesdays
Girls/ Boys C+D TeamTennis CourtsTuesdays06:30 - 07:30Rhys MilneWednesdays
Gr 3-7B- FieldTuesday and Wednesday14:30 - 15:30T. Jenkinson
Gr 3-7B- FieldTuesday and Wednesday14:30 - 15:30M. Swanepoel, S. Liebenberg
Gr 3-7B- FieldTuesday and Wednesday14:30 - 15:30L. Visagie, V. du Plessis
Gr 3-7B- FieldTuesday and Wednesday14:30 - 15:30J.Ingram, J. de Wet
Gr 3-7B- FieldTuesday and Wednesday14:30 - 15:30A. van Helsdingen, G. Ferreira
Gr 3-7B- FieldTuesday and Wednesday14:30 - 15:30C. Gerretsen, H.Botha
Ouderdom/ AgeBaan/ CourtDag/ DayTyd/ TimeAfrigter/Coach
u/7 A-B1, 2Maandag/ Monday13:30- 14:30M. Fourie
u/7 C -D1, 2Maandag/ Monday13:30- 14:30E.Visser
u/8 A-B3,4Maandag/ Monday13:30- 14:30A. Meintjies
u/8 C-D3,4Maandag/ Monday13:30- 14:30A.Engels
u/9 A-BTennis courtMaandag/ Monday14:30- 15:30T. Pelser
u/9 C-DTennis courtMaandag/ Monday14:30- 15:30M.Veenendal
u/10A-B3,4Maandag/ Monday14:30- 15:30I.Nel
u/10 C-D3,4Maandag/ Monday14:30- 15:30V. du Plessis
u/11 A-B1,2Maandag/ Monday14:30- 15:30A.Helsdingen
u/11 C-D1,2Maandag/ Monday14:30- 15:30A. Van Dyk
u/12 A-BAll CourtsMaandag/ Monday15:30- 17:00K. van der Merwe
u/12 C-DAll CourtsMaandag/ Monday15:30- 17:00J. Janse van Rensburg
u/13 A-BAll CourtsMaandag/ Monday15:30- 17:00C. Gerretsen
u/13 C-DAll CourtsMaandag/ Monday15:30- 17:00T. Stroh
If there are no matches on the Wednesday then there will be practice! If there are matches then there will be no practice.
Rugby Practise
Ouderdom/ AgeVeld/ FieldDag/ DayTyd/ TimeAfrigter/Coach
u/7B- FieldMaandag/ Monday13:30-14:30H. du Plessis & N Terrel
u/8A- FieldMaandag/ Monday13:30-14:30R. van der Heyde, R Vermeulen & C Snyman
u/9 A-BB- FieldMaandag/ Monday14:30-15:30L.Visagie
u/9 C-DB- FieldMaandag/ Monday14:30- 15:30R.Hattingh
u/10AB- FieldMaandag/ Monday14:30-16:00H.du Plessis
u/10BB- FieldMaandag/ Monday14:30- 16:00H.Botha
u/11AA- FieldMaandag/ Monday14:30- 16:00N.Terrel
u/11BA- FieldMaandag/ Monday14:30- 16:00E. Le Grange
u/13CB- FieldMaandag/ Monday15:30- 17:00K. Van Schoor
u/13BA- FieldMaandag/ Monday15:30- 17:00F.de Wet
u/13AA- FieldMaandag/ Monday15:30- 17:00R. Vermeulen, R van der Heyde & C Snyman
If there are no matches on the Wednesday then there will be practice!
If there are matches then there will be no practice.