PTA (Parent Teacher Association)

The PTA is an excellent way to become a part of the VRS family.
VRS is a public school, governed by the South African Schools Act. Every aspect of the school is governed by this Act. The principal and School Governing Body (SGB) are responsible and held accountable for all school activities.

What is the PTA?
The PTA is a formal organisation of volunteers consisting of parents and teachers. It provides an opportunity for everyone to work together towards a common goal. All parents/guardians are automatically members of the school PTA. We encourage you to become involved.


The mission of the PTA is to ensure an optimal educational experience for all learners.
The aim of the PTA is to contribute to the development and improvement of all aspects of school life through the following objectives:

  • To bring parents, teachers and pupils together and foster a spirit of mutual goodwill, loyalty, fellowship and cooperation.
  • To promote good communication.
  • To assist the principal and teachers with the general welfare of the school.
  • To organise, with the approval of the principal, functions and social activities that will contribute to the objectives mentioned above.
  • To assist with, organise and support fundraising events which serve to supplement government funding, and collectively benefit all learners and the school community.
  • To communicate a positive image of the school, internally and to the wider community.

PTA meetings
The PTA committee meets twice during every school term to discuss general business aspects such as fundraising, parent involvement and support. Additional ad hoc meetings will be held as and when the need arises.

The PTA committee consists of:
– Two (2) grade representatives for each grade (1 – 7)
– An Administrator, if necessary
– A Chairperson elected from the grade representatives
– Four (4) educators or non-educators from the school
– A parent governing body member representing the governing body
– From the committee various sub-committees are formed, e.g. Fundraising Committee

PTA 2021 Committee

Chairperson – Megan de Kock
Deputy Chairperson – Bennelie Kotze
SGB Representative – Megan de Kock
Finance – Esti Sharp
Secretary – Zandra van Wyk

Educator – Izel Nel
Educator – Nickie Terrell
Educator – Debbie Mason
Educator – Marietjie van der Riet
VRS – Carl Snyman

Graad 1 Afrikaans Verteenwoordiger – Nonnie Hendriks
Grade 1 English Representative – Sam Kitshoff
Graad 2 Afrikaans Verteenwoordiger – Annande Lambrechts
Grade 2 English Representative – Fraser Gregg
Graad 3 Afrikaans Verteenwoordiger – Juan-Mari Deysel
Grade 3 English Representative – Sheremy van Wyk
Graad 4 Afrikaans Verteenwoordiger – Anneke Janse van Rensburg
Grade 4 English Representative – Janet Meintjies
Graad 5 Afrikaans Verteenwoordiger – Robaix Saayman
Grade 5 English Representative – Yolandi Kosmatos
Graad 6 Afrikaans Verteenwoordiger – Marlise van Jaarsveld
Grade 6 English Representative – Bennelie Kotze
Graad 7 Afrikaans Verteenwoordiger – Erica Visser
Grade 7 English Representative – Morne Buitendag

What is a Grade Representative?
The grade representatives are a tool used by the PTA as well as the teachers to communicate with parents. They are selected at the beginning of the year and there are 2 grade representatives per grade, 1 English and 1 Afrikaans. A grade representative is in charge of creating a WhatsApp group, acting as the group administrator, and filtering information back and forth to the class representatives.
The WhatsApp group is one of the main communication tools used to support the PTA Committee in achieving its mission, aim and objectives. Refer to the WhatsApp Policy, please. You will also be required to attend PTA meetings.

What is a Class Representative?
The PTA has 2 class representatives for each class, nominated at the beginning of the year. Class representatives may arrange internally to rotate during the year, as long as there are 2 (two) class representatives per class at any given time during the year. If you would like to volunteer let the PTA know, please.

School Fundraising Projects
To be confirmed.

How do I get involved?

      Ask to be included in the class WhatsApp group and load the D6 Communicator on your Smartphone.
      Volunteer your time where possible. Email the PTA to pledge your assistance.
      Share any contacts or sponsor information with the PTA. We welcome all leads that will help us with our fundraisers. Every contribution is appreciated no matter how small.
      Makro and MySchool cards
      1. Sign up for a Makro and MySchool card and link VRS to your account
      2. Please encourage all extended family and friends to use their Van Riebeeckstrand Primary School linked Makro and MySchool cards at every opportunity – this is an easy way to raise funds for our school.
      3. For more information on how to get these cards or link existing cards, please contact the school office.

1. Email us at
2. Attend a PTA meeting

We are looking forward to an exciting year ahead and hope to see more parents involved on the PTA. Serving as a PTA member at the School is not about prestige, position or privilege, it is about PASSIONATE PARENT PARTICIPATION!

Ouderdom / AgeVeld/ FieldDag/ DayTyd/ TimeAfrigter / CoachMatches
u/7A- FieldMonday13:30 - 14:30S. Liebenberg, R.Vermeulen, A.Engels, W. van der PostThursdays
u/8A- FieldMonday13:30 -14:30E.Visser, E. Le Grange, A.Meintjies, J. Janse van RensburgThursdays
u/9B- FieldMonday14:30 - 15:30R. Vermeulen, T. Pelser, M. Veenendal, C. WilsonThursdays
u/10AA- FieldWednesday14:30 - 16:00J. Janse van RensburgMonday
u/10BA- FieldWednesday14:30 - 16:00R.HattingMonday
u/11AA- FieldMonday14:30 - 16:00R. Van der HeydeWednesday
u/11BA- FieldMonday14:30 - 16:00N. TerrelWednesday
u/13AA- FieldMonday15:00 - 16:30K. van SchoorThursdays
u/13BA- FieldMonday15:00 - 16:30E. Le GrangeThursdays
Tug of War
Gr 4-7A - FieldTuesdays15:30 - 17:30B.Streicher, F. de Wet, H.du Plessis, T. Stroh
Gr 4-7A - FieldThursdays14:30 - 16:30B.Streicher, F. de Wet, H.du Plessis, T. Stroh
Swim Team
Swimming teamOu SkipMondays14:30 - 15:30K. van der Merwe, K. Britz, A. van Dyk
Swimming teamOu SkipThursdays16:00 - 17:00K. van der Merwe, K. Britz, A. van Dyk
Social Swim
Gr 4-7Ou SkipMondays14:30 - 15:30K. van der Merwe, K. Britz, A. van Dyk
Gr 4-7Ou SkipThursdays16:00 - 17:00K. van der Merwe, K. Britz, A. van Dyk
Mountain Biking
GradeFieldItemTimeCoachOther Info
Gr 1-7A- FieldMondays16:00- 17:00S. LiebenbergSpur MTB kompetisies vind plaas op Saterdae / Spur MTB competitions are taking place on Saturdays
Gr 1-7TBCWednesdays16:00- 17:00S. Liebenberg
Cross Country
AgeFieldDayTimeCoachOther Info
u/7- u/13A- FieldFridays07:00-07:30T. JenkinsonKompetisies is Vrydae en party Saterdae / Competitions are on Friday and some on Saturday.
u/7- u/13A- FieldMondays17:00- 18:00T. JenkinsonWedstryde vind plaas op verskillend dae / Matches will take place on different days
Girls Hockey
AgeFieldDayTimeCoachMatch Days
u/7B- FieldTuesdays13:30- 14:30W. van der Post, A. Olckers, P. WoulidgeThursdays
u/8B- FieldTuesdays13:30- 14:30C.Kerrigan, J. Janse van RensburgThursdays
u/9B- FieldTuesdays14:30- 15:30A.Olckers, E.BurgerThursdays
u/10A- FieldTuesdays14:30- 15:30G.Ferreira, W. van der PostThursdays
u/11B- FieldTuesdays15:30- 16:30J. Janse van Rensburg, M. SwanepoelThursdays
u/13A- FieldTuesdays15:30- Wet, P.WoulidgeThursdays
Boys Hockey
AgeFieldDayTimeCoachMatch Days
u/7B- FieldTuesdays13:30- 14:30K.Britz, D.MasonThursdays
u/8B- FieldTuesdays13:30- 14:30E.Burger, S.Liebenberg, M. van SolmsThursdays
u/9B- FieldTuesdays14:30- 15:30A.Elston, C. KerriganThursdays
u/10A- FieldTuesdays14:30- 15:30S. Mitchell, K. BritzThursdays
u/11B- FieldTuesdays15:30- 16:30H. Engelbrecht, J. IngramThursdays
u/13A- FieldTuesdays15:30- 17:00S.Liebenberg, B.StreicherThursdays
u/9Tennis CourtsTuesdays14:30 - 15:30C. Kerrigan, A.ElstonWednesdays
u/10- u/13Tennis CourtsTuesdays14:30 - 15:30S.Mitchell, R. VermeulenWednesdays
Girls/ Boys A+B TeamTennis CourtsMondays06:30 - 07:30Rhys MilneWednesdays
Girls/ Boys C+D TeamTennis CourtsTuesdays06:30 - 07:30Rhys MilneWednesdays
Gr 3-7B- FieldTuesday and Wednesday14:30 - 15:30T. Jenkinson
Gr 3-7B- FieldTuesday and Wednesday14:30 - 15:30M. Swanepoel, S. Liebenberg
Gr 3-7B- FieldTuesday and Wednesday14:30 - 15:30L. Visagie, V. du Plessis
Gr 3-7B- FieldTuesday and Wednesday14:30 - 15:30J.Ingram, J. de Wet
Gr 3-7B- FieldTuesday and Wednesday14:30 - 15:30A. van Helsdingen, G. Ferreira
Gr 3-7B- FieldTuesday and Wednesday14:30 - 15:30C. Gerretsen, H.Botha
Ouderdom/ AgeBaan/ CourtDag/ DayTyd/ TimeAfrigter/Coach
u/7 A-B1, 2Maandag/ Monday13:30- 14:30M. Fourie
u/7 C -D1, 2Maandag/ Monday13:30- 14:30E.Visser
u/8 A-B3,4Maandag/ Monday13:30- 14:30A. Meintjies
u/8 C-D3,4Maandag/ Monday13:30- 14:30A.Engels
u/9 A-BTennis courtMaandag/ Monday14:30- 15:30T. Pelser
u/9 C-DTennis courtMaandag/ Monday14:30- 15:30M.Veenendal
u/10A-B3,4Maandag/ Monday14:30- 15:30I.Nel
u/10 C-D3,4Maandag/ Monday14:30- 15:30V. du Plessis
u/11 A-B1,2Maandag/ Monday14:30- 15:30A.Helsdingen
u/11 C-D1,2Maandag/ Monday14:30- 15:30A. Van Dyk
u/12 A-BAll CourtsMaandag/ Monday15:30- 17:00K. van der Merwe
u/12 C-DAll CourtsMaandag/ Monday15:30- 17:00J. Janse van Rensburg
u/13 A-BAll CourtsMaandag/ Monday15:30- 17:00C. Gerretsen
u/13 C-DAll CourtsMaandag/ Monday15:30- 17:00T. Stroh
If there are no matches on the Wednesday then there will be practice! If there are matches then there will be no practice.
Rugby Practise
Ouderdom/ AgeVeld/ FieldDag/ DayTyd/ TimeAfrigter/Coach
u/7B- FieldMaandag/ Monday13:30-14:30H. du Plessis & N Terrel
u/8A- FieldMaandag/ Monday13:30-14:30R. van der Heyde, R Vermeulen & C Snyman
u/9 A-BB- FieldMaandag/ Monday14:30-15:30L.Visagie
u/9 C-DB- FieldMaandag/ Monday14:30- 15:30R.Hattingh
u/10AB- FieldMaandag/ Monday14:30-16:00H.du Plessis
u/10BB- FieldMaandag/ Monday14:30- 16:00H.Botha
u/11AA- FieldMaandag/ Monday14:30- 16:00N.Terrel
u/11BA- FieldMaandag/ Monday14:30- 16:00E. Le Grange
u/13CB- FieldMaandag/ Monday15:30- 17:00K. Van Schoor
u/13BA- FieldMaandag/ Monday15:30- Wet
u/13AA- FieldMaandag/ Monday15:30- 17:00R. Vermeulen, R van der Heyde & C Snyman
If there are no matches on the Wednesday then there will be practice!
If there are matches then there will be no practice.