History of Van Riebeeckstrand Primary School

During 1976 it was decided that a nuclear power station named Koeberg, would be built along the West Coast. This decision changed Melkbosstrand forever. Facilities had to be upgraded to accommodate the growing community.

Melkbosstrand Primary School, which was located where Melkbos Pre-Primary currently is, closed its doors at the end of 1980. Van Riebeeckstrand Primary School opened its doors for the first time in January 1981. The school started that year with 249 pupils and 12 teachers. Since then we have grown tremendously. We currently have just over 80 staff members and 1125 learners.

During 1981 the school housed 14 different nationalities. They were English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Australian, Dutch, Belgian, American, Polish and many from other African states. Currently VRS is a parallel medium school with learners in grades
1 – 7 with 6 classes per grade (3 English classes and 3 Afrikaans classes).

School Badge

Our school badge was designed by Ms Antoinette Solé.

Mountain and Sea

Indicates our geographical location in RSA.

The seagull in flight symbolises the spirit that may not be restrained.

The white of the seagull symbolises purity.

The direction of the seagull’s flight indicates the future, to where we are moving.

The circles

The three circles represent the parent, the child and the teacher and indicate their relationship with one another. The placement of the circles shows the interdependence of the trio. The placement also allows for the individuality of those involved.

Semper Fidelis

Semper:   Always

Fidelis:    Faithful

School Song

Our school song was composed by Mr Rubin du Plessis at the age of 77 years old. He had been the principal at Sonop Primary School in Despatch (Eastern Cape) for 20 years.


At VRS we have many modern technological media to ensure that we can render quality education.

The school offers some of the best sporting facilities where the learners are able to get exposure to many different sports in order to develop their talents and reach their full potential.

With the school’s motto: Always Faithful, and the 6 core values namely: respect, honesty, dedication, integrity, self-control and loyalty, as well as the theme for 2021: Be The Difference, we as a community cannot help but be grateful for the privilege of being able to be a part of another proud chapter in VRS history.

Always Faithful
Ouderdom / AgeVeld/ FieldDag/ DayTyd/ TimeAfrigter / CoachMatches
u/7A- FieldMonday13:30 - 14:30S. Liebenberg, R.Vermeulen, A.Engels, W. van der PostThursdays
u/8A- FieldMonday13:30 -14:30E.Visser, E. Le Grange, A.Meintjies, J. Janse van RensburgThursdays
u/9B- FieldMonday14:30 - 15:30R. Vermeulen, T. Pelser, M. Veenendal, C. WilsonThursdays
u/10AA- FieldWednesday14:30 - 16:00J. Janse van RensburgMonday
u/10BA- FieldWednesday14:30 - 16:00R.HattingMonday
u/11AA- FieldMonday14:30 - 16:00R. Van der HeydeWednesday
u/11BA- FieldMonday14:30 - 16:00N. TerrelWednesday
u/13AA- FieldMonday15:00 - 16:30K. van SchoorThursdays
u/13BA- FieldMonday15:00 - 16:30E. Le GrangeThursdays
Tug of War
Gr 4-7A - FieldTuesdays15:30 - 17:30B.Streicher, F. de Wet, H.du Plessis, T. Stroh
Gr 4-7A - FieldThursdays14:30 - 16:30B.Streicher, F. de Wet, H.du Plessis, T. Stroh
Swim Team
Swimming teamOu SkipMondays14:30 - 15:30K. van der Merwe, K. Britz, A. van Dyk
Swimming teamOu SkipThursdays16:00 - 17:00K. van der Merwe, K. Britz, A. van Dyk
Social Swim
Gr 4-7Ou SkipMondays14:30 - 15:30K. van der Merwe, K. Britz, A. van Dyk
Gr 4-7Ou SkipThursdays16:00 - 17:00K. van der Merwe, K. Britz, A. van Dyk
Mountain Biking
GradeFieldItemTimeCoachOther Info
Gr 1-7A- FieldMondays16:00- 17:00S. LiebenbergSpur MTB kompetisies vind plaas op Saterdae / Spur MTB competitions are taking place on Saturdays
Gr 1-7TBCWednesdays16:00- 17:00S. Liebenberg
Cross Country
AgeFieldDayTimeCoachOther Info
u/7- u/13A- FieldFridays07:00-07:30T. JenkinsonKompetisies is Vrydae en party Saterdae / Competitions are on Friday and some on Saturday.
u/7- u/13A- FieldMondays17:00- 18:00T. JenkinsonWedstryde vind plaas op verskillend dae / Matches will take place on different days
Girls Hockey
AgeFieldDayTimeCoachMatch Days
u/7B- FieldTuesdays13:30- 14:30W. van der Post, A. Olckers, P. WoulidgeThursdays
u/8B- FieldTuesdays13:30- 14:30C.Kerrigan, J. Janse van RensburgThursdays
u/9B- FieldTuesdays14:30- 15:30A.Olckers, E.BurgerThursdays
u/10A- FieldTuesdays14:30- 15:30G.Ferreira, W. van der PostThursdays
u/11B- FieldTuesdays15:30- 16:30J. Janse van Rensburg, M. SwanepoelThursdays
u/13A- FieldTuesdays15:30- 17:00J.de Wet, P.WoulidgeThursdays
Boys Hockey
AgeFieldDayTimeCoachMatch Days
u/7B- FieldTuesdays13:30- 14:30K.Britz, D.MasonThursdays
u/8B- FieldTuesdays13:30- 14:30E.Burger, S.Liebenberg, M. van SolmsThursdays
u/9B- FieldTuesdays14:30- 15:30A.Elston, C. KerriganThursdays
u/10A- FieldTuesdays14:30- 15:30S. Mitchell, K. BritzThursdays
u/11B- FieldTuesdays15:30- 16:30H. Engelbrecht, J. IngramThursdays
u/13A- FieldTuesdays15:30- 17:00S.Liebenberg, B.StreicherThursdays
u/9Tennis CourtsTuesdays14:30 - 15:30C. Kerrigan, A.ElstonWednesdays
u/10- u/13Tennis CourtsTuesdays14:30 - 15:30S.Mitchell, R. VermeulenWednesdays
Girls/ Boys A+B TeamTennis CourtsMondays06:30 - 07:30Rhys MilneWednesdays
Girls/ Boys C+D TeamTennis CourtsTuesdays06:30 - 07:30Rhys MilneWednesdays
Gr 3-7B- FieldTuesday and Wednesday14:30 - 15:30T. Jenkinson
Gr 3-7B- FieldTuesday and Wednesday14:30 - 15:30M. Swanepoel, S. Liebenberg
Gr 3-7B- FieldTuesday and Wednesday14:30 - 15:30L. Visagie, V. du Plessis
Gr 3-7B- FieldTuesday and Wednesday14:30 - 15:30J.Ingram, J. de Wet
Gr 3-7B- FieldTuesday and Wednesday14:30 - 15:30A. van Helsdingen, G. Ferreira
Gr 3-7B- FieldTuesday and Wednesday14:30 - 15:30C. Gerretsen, H.Botha
Ouderdom/ AgeBaan/ CourtDag/ DayTyd/ TimeAfrigter/Coach
u/7 A-B1, 2Maandag/ Monday13:30- 14:30M. Fourie
u/7 C -D1, 2Maandag/ Monday13:30- 14:30E.Visser
u/8 A-B3,4Maandag/ Monday13:30- 14:30A. Meintjies
u/8 C-D3,4Maandag/ Monday13:30- 14:30A.Engels
u/9 A-BTennis courtMaandag/ Monday14:30- 15:30T. Pelser
u/9 C-DTennis courtMaandag/ Monday14:30- 15:30M.Veenendal
u/10A-B3,4Maandag/ Monday14:30- 15:30I.Nel
u/10 C-D3,4Maandag/ Monday14:30- 15:30V. du Plessis
u/11 A-B1,2Maandag/ Monday14:30- 15:30A.Helsdingen
u/11 C-D1,2Maandag/ Monday14:30- 15:30A. Van Dyk
u/12 A-BAll CourtsMaandag/ Monday15:30- 17:00K. van der Merwe
u/12 C-DAll CourtsMaandag/ Monday15:30- 17:00J. Janse van Rensburg
u/13 A-BAll CourtsMaandag/ Monday15:30- 17:00C. Gerretsen
u/13 C-DAll CourtsMaandag/ Monday15:30- 17:00T. Stroh
If there are no matches on the Wednesday then there will be practice! If there are matches then there will be no practice.
Rugby Practise
Ouderdom/ AgeVeld/ FieldDag/ DayTyd/ TimeAfrigter/Coach
u/7B- FieldMaandag/ Monday13:30-14:30H. du Plessis & N Terrel
u/8A- FieldMaandag/ Monday13:30-14:30R. van der Heyde, R Vermeulen & C Snyman
u/9 A-BB- FieldMaandag/ Monday14:30-15:30L.Visagie
u/9 C-DB- FieldMaandag/ Monday14:30- 15:30R.Hattingh
u/10AB- FieldMaandag/ Monday14:30-16:00H.du Plessis
u/10BB- FieldMaandag/ Monday14:30- 16:00H.Botha
u/11AA- FieldMaandag/ Monday14:30- 16:00N.Terrel
u/11BA- FieldMaandag/ Monday14:30- 16:00E. Le Grange
u/13CB- FieldMaandag/ Monday15:30- 17:00K. Van Schoor
u/13BA- FieldMaandag/ Monday15:30- 17:00F.de Wet
u/13AA- FieldMaandag/ Monday15:30- 17:00R. Vermeulen, R van der Heyde & C Snyman
If there are no matches on the Wednesday then there will be practice!
If there are matches then there will be no practice.